Yuval Noah Harari writes in his new book about btc and blockchain

Yuval Noah Harari, a top historian who also writes books on the future of humanity, mentioned in his new position about bitcoin and block network.


Harari became famous as the author of the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind , which described the past of humanity. Among the topics discussed there, the author wondered, among others on the nature of money. He even decided to describe it as “the most universal and the most effective mutual trust system ever invented”, but also add that the whole history of the economy is “dance on a rope”. In his opinion, money is based on two pillars: universal convertibility and universal trust.

In his next book, Homo Deus. A Brief History of Tomorrow “Harari concentrated on visions of the future. In the new position of “21 lessons for the 21st century”, he moves back a bit, because he deals with the present. Earlier considerations about money sought to deal with the topic of bitcoin, and the problem of trust with the blockchain.

Any supporter of crypto currency will certainly be happy to read “21 lessons …” reading the first pages. In the chapter on the technological challenges facing the main characters of the book – in other words, all of us – the historian points to the fact that bitcoin (and thus all digital currencies) and the block network pose a challenge to current governments.

What is the problem? Harari claims (and probably rightly so!) That current democratic systems do not keep pace with the development of technology. They are not prepared for “shocks”, which are blockchains and artificial intelligence (AI). He sees the revolutionary potential of new solutions. Bitcoin may – in his opinion – “completely reorganize the money system”. It may require a total change of the tax system, while bitcoins may be supplanted in some areas of the dollar or other fiat currencies.

Of course, the topic of bitcoin in Harari’s book is short (because it’s not really about him), but it’s certainly worth it for many other reasons. The supporters of cryptocurrencies can be pleaded with the fact that one of the leading historians and thinkers writes about digital currencies and block networks.

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