Will Bitcoin overtake dollar? Weekly summary 31.12.2018 – 06.01.2019

The first week of 2019 is not only an increase in the stock market, but also some interesting information about the foundations of the market.

Bitcoin will replace the dollar

At least that’s what Max Keiser, the controversial economic journalist from the US, thinks. In his opinion, falls in the Wall Street stock markets and the expected global slowdown will cause people to turn away from traditional markets and run away towards cryptocurrencies.

Keizer believes that the very way Bitcoins are issued puts him above ordinary currencies and makes him the ideal central bank.

Blockchain is useless

The above is, however, in conflict with the new expert article of the large financial consultancy firm McKinsey & Company, who believe that it is difficult to find practical cases of blockchain in the market. They see that technology is in the “baby” age, but it can not break through, which bodes ill in the long run. They note, however, that today you can find cases of legitimate use of block networks, but rather in niche issues.

Thailand will vote with a blockchain

As opposed to McKinsey’s analyzes, Thailand announced that it is creating a program based on blockchain technology that will count and register voting votes. Information was provided by the National Center of Electronics and Computer Techniques (NECTEC), whose representative talked about the idea of ​​the project:

“NECTEC has developed blockchain technology for electronic voting that can be used in national, regional or local elections as well as in business voting for supervisory boards. The goal is to reduce fraud and maintain data integrity. ”

Apparently the project is to start soon at the level of local referendums or university votes. The institution is also looking for partners for testing. However, it reserves that the implementation of the new system will not result in a complete departure from the traditional vote.

Away from cryptocurrency?

Venture capital market investor Fred Wilson publicly stated that in 2019 cryptocurrencies would still not be a safe investment. At the same time, however, he thinks that the first growth signals will appear within 12 months. He sees the future in stablecoins, but concerns are aroused by the actions of the authorities aimed at regulating the market.

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