Will Bitcoin cost 60 thousand dollars up to six months ?!

This is what the co-founder of the TenX startup, Julian Hospa, thinks. In his opinion, Bitcoin may cost 60 thousand dollars this year.

When we go back to December 2017, Hosp forecasted that the BTC rate would drop to five thousand dollars. What’s next? Then the main cryptocurrency can reach up to 60,000 dollars. In the last interview for CNBC, he kept his forecast.
Hosp acknowledges that the mere belief of the community in the upcoming bull market is not enough. In addition, there must be “big, positive events”. What if there won’t be any? Then the co-creator of TenX does not turn into a bear at all. As a typical bull (stock market, not zodiacal ;-)), he believes that new ATH at this level is still possible, but a little later.

How much will BTC eventually be?

No one can answer the question from this headline. Hospa forecast is one of many. Unfortunately, they are almost as extreme as the sine wave fluctuations of the cryptocurrency. Tom Lee Fundstrat not so long ago suggested even that by the end of 2022 for one Bitcoin you will have to pay $ 125,000. John McAfee, who sees in his visions a BTC course line of up to $ 1 million, can consider Lee as an extreme pessimist in comparison to McAfee.
On the other side of the front there is, for example, the legend of Wall Street – Warren Buffett, who is an irreconcilable opponent of cryptocurrencies and the news of their final collapse, not too flattering about their supporters. Interestingly, he is supported by a man who should be an advocate of innovation. Bill Gates also retains a lot of skepticism about the future of digital currencies and believes that the entire Blockchain technology market is based on speculation.
In any case, today it is difficult to clearly determine what is next with the price of bitcoin and when (and whether) we will see the new ATH.

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