Will Bitcoin Cash collapse? Summary of the week 14.01 – 20.01.2019.

What interesting happened last week? Some interesting news before you.

Will Bitcoin Cash collapse?

At least that’s what one of his recent followers thinks – hiding under the pseudonym Cobra. Cobra is also the founders of the Bitcointalk forum and one of the more well-known person in the world of cryptocurrencies. Also he saw the future in Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin forks. Unfortunately, he changed his mind dramatically today. In his opinion, the digital currency is pointless and in a few years it will fall to zero dollars. It is possible to deduce from his twitter statements that he blames the persons behind the project for this condition. When asked by users, he replied:

“Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. Bitcoin can survive without leaders, but Bitcoin Cash is different and you need to show him the right path. ”

Probably he is referring to the hash war that took place during Bitcoin Cash in November and led to a fall in cryptocurrencies.

Hard Fork Ethereum in February

Ethereum fork, which is constantly delayed, is to take place on February 27 this year. at the level of block number 7 280 000. This is the result of Peter Szilagyi’s tweet.  Fork has been planned for several months. Theoretically, it should have been behind us for 2 weeks. ChainSecurity, a company that has prepared a special audit, indicated that there was a vulnerability in the update code that threatened to steal funds.

SEAT wants a blockchain

SEAT joined Alastria, a consortium of over 70 companies whose goal is the development of blockchain technology. Today, the union includes BBVA and Banco Santander banks, telecommunications supplier Telefónica, energy company Repsol or the service company Accenture. SEAT itself wants to use the block network in logistics and payments. The head of automotive giant Luca de Meo said the company is “convinced of the importance that blockchain technology will have in the future.”

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates will create a cryptocurrency

Yes, the word became flesh. In fact, it will happen soon. The idea of ​​both countries to create a digital currency for entering into cross-border transactions has been said for a long time. Now representatives of both countries have signed an agreement, the fruit of which will be cryptocurrency, which is to be used for interbank transactions. It is supposed to be also a testing ground for authorities that are interested in blockchain and want to get to know it better on the living organism. Risky, but it may pay off, because so far the projects of national cryptocurrencies have been rather flawed. It’s enough to exchange the Venezuelan petro …

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