Weekly summary 22-28.10.2018

If the current situation of the bitcoin pricne is boring you, we encourage you to read our weekly summary. These news should wake you up a bit!

Bitstamp changes the owner

Bitstamp has been taken over. The buyer of the stock exchange is NXMH, an investment company based in Brussels, which is also the owner of Korbit, a South Korean cryptocurrency platform. The financial terms of the contract were not disclosed, but apparently the purchase price was about USD 400 million.

Bitstamp, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, was founded by the 29-year-old Slovenian Nejc Kodrič for only 1,000 euros in 2011. Since then, it has raised a total of about $ 14 million from investors, including Pantera Capital.

However, Kodrič will remain the company’s CEO and does not expect anything to change for the company’s clients or its 180 employees, he told Fortune. “We have the same opinion as NXMH – why change something if it works perfectly?”, He said, adding that Bitstamp “was profitable from day one”.

China censors bitcoin book

Did you read the book by Andreas Antonopoulos “Mastering Bitcoin”? In China, the title has been rewritten and it is promoted in the new version on the China Central Television (CCTV). In the Mandarin translation, the title was changed to exclude all references to Bitcoin (BTC). The free translation from behind the Great Wall now reads “Blockchain: the way to digitize assets.” Interestingly, the original English title remains visible on the cover next to the edited Mandarin version. The content has also not been changed.

Antonopolous himself wrote on Twitter on October 25:

“How cool it is:” Mastering Bitcoin 1Ed “on Chinese national TV, even with a slightly clean title (no mention of Bitcoin) the content is the same, I hope to visit China next year. This may bring more opportunities and invitations to conferences. ”

Bitcoin Mastering was first published in 2015 and re-released in 2017.

Depp on board

Hollywood news. The American actor and producer Johnny Depp, who everyone associates with the role of Jacek Sparrow, has partnered with the TaTaTu social entertainment platform. There would be nothing extraordinary if it was not for the portal to use cryptocurrencies.

Under the new agreement, the Hollywood star intends to join forces with the founder of TaTaT, Andrea Iervolino, to jointly create films and digital content.

The platform is a combination of a social website with a video portal and operates based on a system rewarding users with tokens for the use of content. Tokens can also be used by advertisers to pay for TaTaTu services.

New Ethereum?

Time for technology news. IOST took off some time ago with its own testnet, which handles 7,000-8,000 transactions per second. The project wants to solve the scalability problem. That is to overcome the biggest barrier of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The original plan announced the launch of the testnet, Everest v1.0 in Q1 2019 and the premiere of the mainnet scheduled for Q3 2019. The new version of the roadmap announces the official premiere of the IOST network in Q1 2019.

You can find more details by going to the project’s website.


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