Weekly summary 19.11.-25.11.2018

Last week was marked by falls. We have also prepared for you more interesting news, not only about the bear market.

The Pole will be responsible for the development of IOST in Europe

Kacper Żytkowicz became the Director of IOST Development for Europe. The project is called by many today the “new Ethereum”.

The main idea behind IOST is to solve the problem of blockchain scalability. TestNet now operating supports 7,000-8,000 transactions per second. However, this is just the beginning. The goal is to create a decentralized block verification process that in practice can handle up to 100,000 transactions per second. Technical details of the project can be found in the technical documentation.

IOST is growing rapidly. The works are going so fast that you recently managed to update the roadmap (you will find it HERE). The new version of the “road map” announces the official premiere of the IOST network in Q1 2019.

Bitcoin is “poverty-technology”?

Bitcoin and its blockchain is a technological breakthrough. At least for many market observers. However, the chief strategist of Ripple Labs thinks otherwise and claims that his company’s token is more often used than bitcoin and that the technology of the oldest cryptocurrency is “poverty-technology”.

He presented his view on a video that was published on Twitter by a user on id @DiepSanh on Friday. Cory Johnson – because he is talking about it – criticizes Bitcoin for problems with scalability and for the fact that his course depends on a relatively small group of people, which was evident during the so-called “Hash war” (we wrote about it before.

What’s next with the btc price?

Well, that’s the question everybody is asking. Sonny Singh, CFO of the global payment processor BitPay told an interview with journalist Bloomberg that in his opinion the main cryptocurrency will reach a price in the range of $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 by the end of the next year. In his opinion, entering the market of institutional investors will start a new wave of boom.

Similarly, they consider Thomas Lee from Fundstrat and Mike Novogratz from Galaxy Digital.

DasCoin leaders agreed on joint testimony in the prosecutor’s office

At the end of the news related to DasCoin. The project has recently been officially interested in Polish services. The CBŚ sent to people involved in the alleged pyramid a call for questioning by e-mail. Using this fact – and so far no paper calls – the project leaders have now asked their members to keep calm and post auditions with CBŚ for the latest dates through video chat. The recording suggests that the CBŚ may want to “force” confessions.


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