Weekly summary 05.11-11.11.2018

What interesting news have we prepared for you today?

Petro OPEC billing unit?

PDVSA cites in its official tweet its president Manuel Quevedo, who is also the Venezuelan Minister for Oil and Mining, who believes that:

“We will be presenting Petro OPEC in 2019 as the main digital currency supported by oil.”

So does the Venezuelan pseudo-cryptocurrency have a real chance to exist in the international economy? This seems doubtful, but you can see that the Venezuelan authorities still believe in their project or are desperate and want to give it any value through real circulation.

We know who Satoshi Nakamoto was?

Jeff Garzik, co-creator of the bitcoin code, and now the main programmer of BitPay, during the interview given to Bloomberg, he revealed who – in his opinion – was Nakamoto.

“The first Bitcoin encoder was someone very, very intelligent, but without classic programming preparation. My personal theory? Dave Kleiman. The code matches his coding style. ”

Who was Kleimen? He was a former soldier and detective who died in 2013 due to a staph infection. He ended his active career in 1995 when he was paralyzed as a result of a motorcycle accident. After this tragic incident, he began working in computer forensics for Palm Beach County Sherriff, Florida.

The US will be governed by Crypto Governors

Two pro-cryptocurrency governor candidates have won seats in California and Colorado. In California, Gavin Newsom won as much as 59 percent of support, while in Colorado Jared Polis, defeated, gained 51.6 percent of votes. The program of the latter is especially interesting. He wants to use blockchain, among others to protect voters, strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure, improve the Colorado energy network or implement technology in public books. The politician also thinks about creating the so-called adjustable sandboxes.

Changes in taxes in France

The finance committee in the French lower house of parliament supported plans to reduce the sales tax on digital currencies. Thus, it adjusts the amount of tax to other taxes on capital gains. Now the profits obtained from trading in cryptocurrencies are taxed at a rate of 36.2 percent, while other forms of capital gains are taxed at a lower level, i.e. 30 percent. It is worth noting that this decision coincides with the form of taxation of digital currencies in Poland.

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