Weekly news 27.08-02.09.2018

On our Facebook profile we presented cyclical news summaries prior to the Atlas. At your request, we come back to this idea. From today, every Monday on the Atlas you will find a summary of the most important events of the past week.

Bitcoin Cash has passed the exam 

On September 1, a stress test was conducted on the Bitcoin Cash network. The goal was to check how a cryptocurrency would cope with extreme operating conditions. As many as two million test transactions were carried out. Blockchain fora “old” BTC proved to be extremely resistant to such a load. The increase in the number of transactions did not increase the commission for transactions. The initiative was carried out by the Bitcoin Cash community in order to prove the possibility of its cryptocurrency.

Maltese education supports a network of blocks

Malta continues to surprise positively. The University of Malta together with the Maltese Information Technology Agency (MITA) has created a special scholarship fund, which is dedicated to students who want to learn the secrets of Blockchain and distributed registers (DLT). The amount earmarked for this purpose is EUR 300,000.

Will ETH futures be created?

The holding company, CBOE Global Markets, owner of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, plans to launch futures on Ethereum (ETH). And in a fairly short period, because the instruments are to be created by the end of 2018. How do you think this will affect the price of ETH?

CEO Neufund sees the future in Blockchain

Blockchain and tokenization introduces a new trend, from which there is no turning back. A hike towards very strict capitalism has reached its maximum and we are witnessing a fight for a fair redistribution of wealth. We should accept this. There is no chance that the stock exchanges and the banking system in its current form will survive. It is only a matter of time – said Business Insider Polska Zoe Adamovicz, CEO Neufund. Controversial and radical opinion, agree with her?

The creation of India’s cryptocurrency?

The Indian central bank has set up a team whose main task is to explore the opportunities and threats offered by the national cryptocurrency. Detailed activities in this matter are described in the bank’s annual report. It seems that this is not about any ideological issues, but about the cost of producing banknotes. Apparently, the production of paper money in India amounts to as much as 6.3 billion rupees (about PLN 327 million) per year. Electronic money becomes an alternative.

California is interested in a network of blocks

The state of California also plans to set up a working group to investigate Blockchain’s capabilities and prepare a basis for regulations that can help implement the technology. The earlier provisions have already introduced the first definition of a blockchain (“a mathematically secured, chronological and decentralized book or database”). Now, the new legislation is about to refine the rules in this respect.

Lee bull!

The creator of Litecoina, Charlie Lee, thinks that the current bull market is a great time to buy bitcoins if someone agrees to long-term freezing of capital. However, he warns against investing his funds for them. When asked about the details of his forecast, he thinks it is difficult to quantify. As he notes, sometimes the bear ended up after a few months. Sometimes it lasted for a few years.

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