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BTC is not for terrorists

The American Subcommittee on Congress on Terrorism and Illegal Finance discussed various methods of financing terrorism with the help of cryptocurrency. This was announced in the official press release of the US House of Representatives on Financial Services of September 7.

Yaya Fanusie, Director of Analyzes of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy (FDD) of the Sanctions and Illicit Finance Center, stressed that most terrorists, especially those who serve on the “battlefields of jihad”, now live in environments where cryptocurrencies are useless , which means that using fiat currencies is the only way out when buying goods. Thus, digital currencies are uncomfortable for them.

The Polish Bitcoin Association wants a 0% tax on cryptocurrencies

PSB, as part of the public consultations of the Ministry of Finance, prepared its proposals regarding taxation of cryptocurrencies in Poland. The project reads, among others:

“The tax solution proposed by the Ministry of Finance will mainly affect small investors. Cryptocurrency portfolios with more than a year worth more than PLN 10 million are not uncommon in our country. In such cases, the only rational way for investors is to emigrate to Germany or other countries with a 0% tax on the sale of cryptocurrencies. ”

PSB argues its idea with an economic foundation:

“We propose a much better natural solution consisting in increasing VAT receipts by encouraging Poles and foreign investors to issue cryptocurrencies in Poland (paying cryptocurrencies for goods and services). In this way, every trade transaction charges the consumer with VAT. It is a great way to encourage consumers to spend zero in income tax on consumption in Poland, not in other jurisdictions. ”

In addition, the letter also reads about: abolition of the PCC tax, introduction of the concept of private money to the legal order, securing the Treasury by adding the Bitcoin digital currency to the pool of foreign reserves or allowing covering administrative and tax obligations using cryptocurrencies.

Will the number of crypto-investors increase?

The SharesPost company conducted a survey that investigated the mood of bitcoin investors. As many as 78% of the respondents showed interest in cryptocurrency. This is a better result compared to the previous 48%. The market is also interested in Ripple. This currency overtook in the ranking of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin is already associated with a long-term investment. 72% of cryptocurrency market participants and 59% of new investors want to buy or buy digital currencies during the year.

More and more companies want Blockchain

The PwC consulting company has tested companies for their interest in the block network. The results of the survey showed that companies are increasingly interested in Blockchain. As many as 84% of 600 companies would like to implement technology into their structures. The companies in the USA and China are leading the way.

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