We know how Finney’s Sirin Labs smartphone looks like.

Work is in progress to launch Finney, a smartphone from Sirin Labs, whose software will be cryptocurrency-friendly.

On their social media channels, representatives of Sirin Labs presented for the first time Finney – smartphone on the creation of which the company has worked for the last months. The video shows the exact design of the phone.


There is a lot going on around Sirin Labs lately. The project associated with the creation of Finney took off in December 2017, when the company raised 158 million in ICO for this purpose (of which the footballer Leo Messi was the ambassador, more at the bottom of the article). The smartphone is an intriguing tool for fans of Satoshi Nakamoto’s work mainly due to the fact that his software works with cryptocurrencies. Last week, the company officially established, for example, cooperation with the Cardano team, which digital currency will be served by the Finney wallet.

Pay what you want!

In general, the designed shop of decentralized Sirin Labs applications (DApp – equivalent to AppStore or Google Play) will accept payments in project tokens (SRN), however, the cooperation with Cardano (ADA) opens up wider opportunities. When customers would like to buy an app from the platform, but will have only ADA coins in its crypto-portfolio, the special function of the Finney wallet will automatically convert ADA to SRN and thus allow sales. This solution can also be useful in other sectors of the cryptocurrency market. the purpose of the device is to integrate all types of tokens and digital currencies.

The wallet itself designed by Sirin Labs is noteworthy. The device itself will be kind of a physical cryptocurrency portfolio. An interesting feature is the one that secures the wallet – and thus the funds it contains – when the user stops using Finney the wallet will be completely cut off from the software.

Let’s go back to the same software. The device operating system will be based on the Android version called ShieldOS. The modifications introduced to this version will allow you to operate an independent chain of blocks based on the TOTA technology of the IOTA foundation.

The sale of smatfones is to start this year. The manufacturer of the device will be Foxconn, a giant from the electronics market in China. According to announcements from ICO, the company does not rule out that its next product will be a computer built on similar terms to Finney.

Do you know that…

– The name of the smartphone comes from the name of Harold Thomas Finney, a programmer who was heavily involved in the development of the bitcoin itself and received the first transaction in BTC from Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

– Sirin Labs is also the manufacturer of the most expensive serial smartphone in the world. Solarin, because that’s its name, is valued at 14,000. dollars. Where is the price from? Like Finney, the product became famous for meeting all safety and privacy standards.


image source: https://sirinlabs.com

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