Video “How bitcoin will change the world.” has prepared a new video series for people interested in cryptocurrencies. The first episode, which premiered on Wednesday, shows how bitcoin will change the world.

The new series of films will be published on the channel on Youtube.

How will the world change?

In addition to improving cross-border messages and practically transferring small donations to charity, the pilot video explains how a decentralized cryptocurrency combats inflation. Other benefits include, for example, the elimination of intermediaries and their fees for many types of transactions. The video also shows how bitcoin can be used as a tool to support financial transparency and help create new energy infrastructure in impoverished communities, and to facilitate a range of new fundraising options. The whole can be viewed below:


The head of the video department, Marton Csuzi, explained that the new videos on the channel are dedicated to anyone who wants to learn more about cryptocurrency.

New films will be published every second Wednesday.

New themes

In addition, channel viewers can suggest topics by leaving comments under the videos. Csuzi adds that the editorial team reads comments and will take them into account when creating new videos. Meanwhile, upcoming films are titled: “Top 10 most expensive luxury items purchased for cryptocurrencies” or “The five largest biggest theft of bitcoins”. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we also recommend following our portal and reading our educational articles, which we publish every Sunday, in which we present the historical genesis of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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