UOKiK warns against DasCoin

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has issued an official warning regarding CL Singapore from Singapore. It is an entity that introduced the DasCoin token and has its own sales network – NetLeaders.

DasCoin is known in the world of cryptocurrencies, but has a very bad reputation. Before the project, the Polish Bitcoin Association, the Trading Jam foundation was warned, as well as Mirosław Nykiel, in his interpellation.

The Pharaohs of the 21st Century?

The Singaporean company offers customers licenses that cost from 100 euros to 25 thousand. euro. The price depends on their type. In exchange for payment, you may in theory receive various CL services or DasCoin currency. Reportedly, CL Singapore mainly sells dreams, because these services – as reported by the media – are mostly inaccessible, and DasCoin is not cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which is a real application in transactions and is available on many e-invut.

CL Singapore stock exchanges. a system against which there are suspicions that it may be a financial pyramid. The company promises profits in exchange for someone persuading other people to deposit money. The goal of the Singapore-based company CL, which enables it to exist, is the rapid increase in the number of new members. It means an inflow of cash to the originators and the main “touts”. Sooner or later such a large increase in users ends and the system stops working. Consumers stay with an empty account and big promises – says Marek Niechciał, the President of UOKiK. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has already been interested in the case and is investigating it under reference number PO 5 Ds. 33.2017.- Cryptocurrencies are very popular.

This popularity is also used by companies to create scams, such as pyramids. The originators of dishonest systems authenticate them so that they create the impression of a legitimate, serious business, eg they cooperate with celebrities, organize with gusto and amplify conferences in attractive places abroad, sponsor various events. This makes them attract many people who want to earn a lot and earn a lot. And this is not possible – adds the President of UOKiK.

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