UOKiK hits FutureNet

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection suspects that there are systems on FutureNet and FutureAdPro that can be pyramid promotional systems. According to the institution, consumers can lose their money.

The following message was published on the website of UOKiK:

Websites are managed by two companies: BCU Trading from Dubai and Futurenet Ukraine from Lviv. UOKiK instituted proceedings against them and charged them with charges. The services are also interested in the District Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław, conducting the investigation under the reference number PO 2 Ds. 63.2016.

FutureNet and FutureAdPro promise “profits” for persuading others to buy participation packages that cost $ 10. up to over 1 thousand dollars. – Both companies make the benefits dependent on the fact that someone will recruit more participants. The system will stop working when other people do not join it. Usually in such schemes the money goes mainly to the originators of the pyramid – says Marek Niechciał, the President of UOKiK.

Proceedings of UOKiK regarding violation of collective consumer interests may end with a decision in which a fine of up to 10% will be imposed. company’s turnover. The Office may also order the company to discontinue unfavorable practices and remove their consequences.

After which you will get to know the pyramid

The scheme of the pyramid is as follows: you deposit money, then recommend other people for whom you are paid. It comes from the payment of people who you directly and indirectly recommended. In this way, you, your friends and acquaintances of friends finance the pyramid. However, after some time, the system has to fail, because the money deposited is not invested in any assets and does not bring profits. They reach the organizers of the pyramid and people occupying a higher position in the chain of the pyramid. The system works until more money is paid than paid out. The condition is, however, that the number of people participating in the pyramid increases dramatically – such constant, avalanche customer growth is not possible. As a result, the pyramid falls, your money goes away, and if you have introduced your friends or family – also their money. Contact with the owners is lost. Pyramid schemes are masked with the slogans “program”, “investments”, “making money on the internet”, “making money at home”, “advertising platform”. Fraud report law enforcement (police, prosecutor’s office).

Consumer warning

Pursuant to the Act on Competition and Consumer Protection, UOKiK issues a consumer warning when it has a justified suspicion that the entrepreneur is using illegal practices that may expose a wide range of consumers to significant financial losses or adverse effects. Warnings are posted on the office’s website.

Entrepreneurs to whom the President of UOKiK issued a warning are: BCU Trading with its registered office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Futurenet Ukraine with its registered office in Lviv (Ukraine).

Source: UOKiK

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