Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication adds extra security when you log in to your account. It involves installing on your mobile device (usually a phone) software which displays a code required to log in.

This code changes repeatedly (every 30 seconds), so even if someone finds out the code you used to log in, the code will expire in a moment.

We encourage you to use 2FA for your own safety. BitMarket will not be responsible for your losses caused by not securing access to your own account.

What are the pros of using two-factor authentication?

Thanks to this extra security feature, unauthorised persons will not be able to log in to your account, even if they find out your password. In order to log in, they would also have to get access to your phone. As two different devices (computer to enter the password and a phone to generate codes) are required to log in to your account, your account is much better secured.

We encourage you to use 2FA for your own safety. BitMarket will not be responsible for your losses caused by not securing access to your own account.

How to enable two-factor authentication?

To enable this account security feature, after logging in click on the “Account” link and then on Enable two-factor authentication button. You will be presented with a code which you should enter into your phone. In response, an app on your phone will generate an authentication code which you should enter back on the website to confirm that the phone has been configured correctly.

Once this procedure has been completed, two-factor authentication is enabled. Before turning on two-factor authentication, please install the Google Authenticator app or compatible app on your phone.

Can I disable two-factor authentication?

Yes, you can disable two-factor authentication at any time by clicking on the “Account” link and then Disable two-factor authentication.

Why doesn’t the authentication code work?

Authentication codes are generated based on the current date and time. For this reason, correct time must be set on your phone. If time on your phone is wrong, the codes will not work. The best solution is to enable time synchronisation with the mobile network in the phone settings to ensure that time will always be correct.

I lost my phone, how to disable two-factor authentication?

If you lost your phone which you used for two-factor authentication or deleted from it an app used for this purpose, you may use an emergency procedure to disable two-factor authentication. To do that, log in to your account and when a request for a phone-generated code appears, click on the link “I lost my device”. The emergency procedure involves sending to us a transfer for PLN 1.00 or EUR 1.00 with a relevant text in the reference information field, requesting that the account be unblocked. The transfer must be sent from the bank account owned by the person whose details were provided at the time of account registration. This way we are satisfied that the request comes from you and not from an unauthorised person. If the details of the sender of the bank transfer do not match the data provided during account registration, the request will be dismissed.

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