The CEO of Twitter buys cryptocurrencies

Jack Dorsey is the general manager of Twitter and Square today. In the podcast, Tales from the Crypt, he spoke about bitcoin and admitted that he buys digital coins again.

Dorsey thinks it’s worth coming back to the bitcoin market now. It is hard not to admit it’s right, because the price of coins is already low and we are after a rather long, 14-month-old, bearishness. Even skeptics admit that in the worst case, one more, last wave of declines awaits us.

Twitter CEO himself is part of the “Stacking Sat Saturday” community that came up with an interesting idea. Its members buy cryptocurrencies every Saturday. All this to show others that re-investing in this innovative market is not a stupid idea. Sam Jack thinks that one must prepare for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in the economy.

Asked on his social network for specific amounts, Dorsey did not answer clearly, but he probably spends $ 10,000 a week on bitcoins.

The businessman supports the adoption of BTC through his Square payment application. With it, you can buy cryptocurrencies. The company has now also integrated the Ligthning Network, a tool to improve blockchain scalability.

Dorsey also discovered other cards. He and his employees cooperate with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), partly in the field of legislation for this market.

New business

Dorsey has a business nose. After all, not only anyone betting Twitter, and a few years later Square – an important application for electronic payments for the market. Recently in the podcast, Joe Rogan Experience admitted that he now wants to play an important role in the cryptocurrency market.

Where does this ambition come from? Does he feel a new business here? In his opinion bitcoin is waiting for a bright future. He has in his vision to become the currency of the entire Internet. Will this happen? What is your opinion?

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