Summary of the week 15-21.10.2018

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Tokenized yourself!

Although for many this concept still sounds like the name of some suspicious surgery from horror and si-fi, the process of tokenization of people (we know that it sounds terrible) continues. Young tennis player Caroline Wozniacki decided to tokenize. She signed a contract with GCOX, which will take care of the entire process. Interestingly, the platform from next year is to start issuing tokens of other famous people. The celebrities are supposed to be involved. Their identities are not known, however.

In exchange for tokens, fans will probably have easier access to their idols and buy gadgets signed with their names.

We will not run away from the next crypto bubble!

It sounds like a threat, but many are waiting for it! Vinny Lingham, co-founder and CEO of Civic, a company specializing in identity security systems, poured a little hope into the hearts of many saddled bulls:

“Do I think we will have another bubble? Probably because people just do not learn. When we exceed 20,000 dollars, the market can reach up to 100,000 dollars, and then a new cycle will begin, a new bubble ”

Will a new bubble go already – as some of you like Mike Novogratz, for example – mass adoption of blockhain? Well, no:

“Although we’ve been dealing with blockcain for about a decade, we’re still in the infancy. This is due to the fact that the most important case of using cryptocurrencies outside of money transfers is trade. This is mainly a speculative game. ”

What is your opinion?

Tickets on a chain

Perhaps, however, the blockchain market will be promoted thanks to the Ticketmaster decision? The giant of the concert tickets sales market introduces the blockchain into its ticketing system. The new technology is to secure the sale of tickets for top events before the activity of “horses”.

Such traffic is necessary for Ticketmaster due to recent scandals that are related to the company’s operations. The company has been accused in the recent period that it quietly accepts the activities of “horses” and fictitious accounts on its platform, which facilitate the circumvention of the imposed limits on ticket sales.

Marijuana ordered by blockchain

Legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada is a breakthrough in this market, but also a challenge. How to meet the expected high demand for allegedly inefficient distribution systems? To implement blockchain! This is what a Canadian company specializing in block network systems, DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., believes. (DMG). The company is developing a global platform for managing the marijuana supply chain.

DMG’s general manager, Dan Reitzik, admitted that “the emerging marijuana industry requires solutions for product management, and the block chain is the most logical choice.”

Do you think so too?

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