Summary of the week 08.10-14.10.2018

Another portion of the news from last week and … belated birthday wishes!

When will the UK regulate the cryptocurrency market?

When will the United Kingdom finally settle the crypto marketplace? According to Jeff Kaufmann, legal director of the British law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC), this can happen even in two years. In his opinion, such regulations require time and thorough analyzes. The rate, however, is high:

“The race to establish a functioning and regulated regime of cryptocurrencies is certainly worth winning, because their use is becoming more and more common in Europe and in the world. The creation of a cryptocurrency trading center may also have a positive impact on companies serving these markets, such as brokers, investment banks and depositaries, as well as the potential increase in tax revenues for the authorities. ”

Cryptocurrencies do not threaten financial stability

On Wednesday, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) published a special report. It shows that digital currencies do not pose a risk to financial stability:

“Based on the available information, cryptoactivity does not pose a visible risk to the stability of the financial market at the moment. However, accurate monitoring is needed in the light of rapid market development. If the use of cryptocurrencies continues to spread, it may have implications for the financial market in the future. ”

Malta helps in regulating the blockchain market with others

The Maltese authorities have decided to help the government of the island nation of Vanuatu regulate the block and cryptocurrency market. This will be at the official request of the foreign minister of Vanuatu, Ralph Regenvanu, who asked the Maltese government for help in the creation of blockchain legislation. It is supposed to have done so on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers.

The President of the World Bank is fascinated by the network of blocks

Jim Yong Kim, the World Bank President, admitted that he is an enthusiast of distributed book technology (DLT) and blockchain. He believes that the new solutions have “huge potential”. During the Bank’s meeting in Bali, however, he noticed that his institution had to catch up with some technological backwardness. Sam, however, shows skepticism with skepticism:

“Blockchain technology is something everyone is excited about, but we must remember that Bitcoin is one of the cases of blockchain usage. And when blockchain was used [in this matter], these were mainly Ponzi schemes, so it is very important that if we go further, we must be sure that it will not be used that much. ”

Litecoin has been with us for 7 years!

At the end something very pleasant! Litecoin is seven years with us. The ltc network started exactly on 13.10.2011. Its creator and cryptocurrencies were Charles Lee. Litecoin for a long time was the “silver of the Internet” and was the second in terms of capitalization, based on the blockchain, just after bitcoin. We wish all users of ltc today new ATH and further development of their favorite cryptocurrency.

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