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Watch out for the virus replacing the address for the cryptocurrency payment. His action is simply trivial. No wallet is safe, however, because the Trojan uses the clipboard function on the victim’s computer. Malicious software replaces the portfolio address placed at the moment in the clipboard and replaces it with the cybercriminal’s address. Thus, the user pastes the wrong wallet address into the transfer box and sends the bitumen to the thief.

Remember to always get the btc from the exchange before shipping:

– check the exact address of the wallet to which you want to send your coins as well

– regularly scan the disk using an antivirus program (this also applies to mobile devices).

We also remind you about the security of using … e-mail 📧. Although the subject seems banal, a large part of Internet users do not change the password to the mailbox for years, and the password they use is not safe (it is their name or surname, for example). Remember that e-mail is the place where hackers access the exchanges in the absence of 2FA.

At, you can check if your passwords have been leaked in the past.

What password do we consider safe ?:

– at least 10 characters,

– containing a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols (e.g., #% ^ & @),

-not containing words with logical replacements of letters, e.g. “h @ sło”,

– not containing the entire dictionary word,

– different from previous passwords,

-not containing repetitions of characters (e.g., 1111111), sequences (eg abcdefgh), or strings of characters appearing side by side on the keyboard (eg QWERTY).

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