SEC will reconsider applications for ETFs

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced that it is reviewing decisions on the creation of 9 ETFs based on Bitcoin. Has to check 3 applications from 9 submitted.

As reported by the media, employees of the SEC rejected earlier applications. But now … it turns out that SEC officials will review these decisions again.

Secretary SEC Brent Fields wrote in an open letter addressed to senior adviser of NYSE Group, David De Gregorio:

“This letter is to inform that pursuant to Rule 43 I of the Commission Regulations, 17 CFR 20 I .43 1, the Commission will review the delegated action. Pursuant to Rule 431 (e), the order of August 22 is suspended until the Commission decides otherwise . ”

The message was announced by Commissioner Hester Peirce, who opposes the decision regarding the dismissal of the ETF application for Cameron brothers and Tyler Winklevoss.

In her tweet, Commissioner Peirce explained that the SEC would undertake another review of the decision:

“The Commission (the chairman and commissioners) delegates some tasks to its employees and the staff acts in such cases on behalf of the Commission. The Commission can, however, review personnel activities and this is what will happen now. “- wrote Peirce.



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