Satoshi Nakamoto returned? A mysterious post on its P2P Foundation profile.

Has Satoshi Nakamoto returned? This is nothing, the only premise is the fact that … after a few years he logged in again on his profile on the P2P Foundation website.

The case was discovered and publicized by Observer on Twitter. He published the following post:

As you can see, someone again – after a few years – logged in to the account of Satoshi Nakamoto on the foundation platform, where years ago appeared one of the first articles describing bitcoins.

The profile can be found here. As you can see, the new post is “nour”, which means – after translating into English – light.

Of course, you can bet that someone just broke into your account and decided to do a stupid prank cryptocurrency advocates. The more so because a similar incident occurred already in September 2014. Earlier on the profile appeared, among others message: “I am not Dorian Nakamoto” referring to the controversy about whether Dorian Nakamoto, an American of Japanese origin, is the creator of bitcoin.

What is P2P Foundation? It has been conceived as a form of “helping people, organizations and governments to [enter into] an open form] society by co-creating an open knowledge community.”

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