Roger Ver: the future is brighter than ever before! CEO and Bitcoin advocate Roger Ver continues to proclaim his Bitcoin Cash gospel. In an interview with Bloomberg, he stated that “the future is brighter than ever.”

During the conversation, Ver said: “The future is brighter in the future than ever, there is more awareness, there are more adoptions, more things are happening around the world.”

Bulls in the yard

These phenomena cause that this conservative BTC supporter believes that the bulls will re-launch the crypto market in a while. Anyway, not to leave anyone with any doubts added:

“Of course I’m amazingly bullish.”


Ver was also asked about the BCH course. As you know, BTC bounced back last month from the annual minimums of 3500 USD, but BCH is still falling and is currently traded at 140 USD – the lowest price since the chain was split in August 2017. At this point, it is worth listening to his quite sober view of the cryptocurrency market. In his opinion, the problem is speculation:

“I think that we have to build an economy based on the actual use of crypts as currency, and not just on speculation. (…) This is the goal of Bitcoin Cash (…) – and I wish you every success in cryptocurrency if you try to bring more economic freedom in the world (…). ”

“Golden times”

Ver is not alone in his opinion about the bright future. Analyst Tom Lee has long claimed that the btc will soon return to growth. Last week, during a conference organized in Singapore, he stated that we lived to … Bitcoin’s “golden times”. He believes that we are now on a “healthy bear market” that will stop the speculative hype and “reset investors’ expectations”. This is to translate into a bull market next year.

Will it actually be like that? Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic, an identity management company, believes that Bitcoin will stay on the current level for several months, but it may also drop to $ 3,000, but not below. He also recently suggested that the rate will now be between $ 3,000 and $ 5,000 for at least three to six months.

Lingham, however, conditions his forecast with one thing: “If we do not get out of the (…) bear market cycle in the next three to six months, this level of $ 3,000 may fall.”

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