Ranking of patents regarding Blockchain

Technological giants, especially Alibaba and IBM, are competing for the first place in the ranking of the number of patents related to Blockchain technology so far.

iPR Daily – a media center specializing in intellectual property – claims that it has collected data from China, the EU, the USA, Japan and South Korea. In addition, it consulted the International Patent System of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). All to investigate who wins in the rankings for patents related to block network technology.

Podium and the rest

Alibaba takes first place. The company filed a total of 90 patent applications related to Blockchain, while IBM submitted “only” 89 applications at the moment. The third place has a Mastercard with 80 entries. Beyond the podium was Bank of America with the number 53. The fifth is a state institution or Chinese central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), which submitted 44 applications.

China for or against?

China’s interest in the network of blocks is, however, puzzling. The local authorities more and more sharply approach decentralized cryptocurrencies.

This ambiguous position can be clearly seen from the founder of Alibaba, Jacek Ma, who claims that he believes in Blockchain, but he is skeptical about cryptocurrencies.

IBM, for its part, still emphasizes its involvement in Blockchain in various fields. He recently signed a five-year $ 740 million deal with the Australian government to use distributed technology to improve data security and automation in administrative departments.

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