Polish startup awarded. Summary of the week 08.04 -14/04/2019

We’re back with our weekly summary.

Polish startup awarded

The ICO Bench website has re-awarded the Polish TecraCoin project. Startup received a high score in the review published on the site. Thus he found himself at the very top of the TOP 10 highest rated ICO in the world by ICO Bench. Robert Anacki told us about the startup. You can find the record of the interview with him here.

In March, Tecra was in second place in terms of the above-mentioned ranking, which we wrote about here.

The project is intended to be a platform supporting modern, innovative technologies.

Well-known YouTuber prefers blockchain from YouTube

PewDiePie is a streaming star on YouTube. Now it opens for cooperation with the DLive blockchain streaming platform. His YouTube channel is a real empire. It has over 93.7 million subscribers, and new films are watched by over 4 million viewers in less than 24 hours.

Writing about the new cooperation, he stated: “I am excited about the possibility of starting regular live broadcasts! DLive is great for me because I’m treated like a real partner, just like the other ‘streams’ on the unique DLive platform. ”

Sirin Labs has problems?

In the industry media there were rumors about the alleged problems of Sirin Labs, an Israeli startup who built a Finney smartphone blockchain. The company seems to have stopped paying its staff. Project representatives denied rumors in Globe. They admitted, however, that they fired 15 out of 60 employees, because the sale of smartphones is not as good as originally planned. However, this does not mean the company’s collapse, as some people have thought.

Ethereum fights with the Throne for users?

According to a report published on April 9 by DApp.com, Tron (TRX) has the fastest growing user base. In turn, the number of Ethereum users (ETH) is shrinking. They are not a huge hesitation. Eight percent of users have reportedly left the ETH network. Today, around 72 500 old users still use Ethereum-based DApps. The report also states that “games based on Ethereum have already created a stable community with a group of loyal recipients.”

According to the survey, in the first quarter of 2019 as many as 504 DApps were added to the DApp.com list, of which half were based on Ethereum: Ethereum is still number 1 among developers that can build DApps, and we have also observed a trend in the development of many chains, because many DAsps on Ethereum are expanding into many chains, such as Ethereum + EOS or Ethereum + Tron. “

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