Nearly 1000 e-stores around the world accept Bitcoin Cash

The number of online stores accepting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has increased in the last few months to 945. In October, this value was just over 500.

Most places that accept BCH as a form of payment are in Europe. About 134 stores are in North America, 120 in Australia and 75 in Asia. In Africa, cryptocurrency has been recording a steady increase in acceptance in stores as a means of payment for goods and services. BCH payments are popular especially in Kenya and South Africa.

The number of stores accepting Bitcoin Cash is also increasing among recognized private enterprises. For example, in October jewelry manufacturer Marks Jewelers, one of the largest retailers of this type in the USA, began to collect BCH in exchange for its goods.

Representatives of Marx Jewelery acknowledge that the new payment method, based on cooperation with the e-commerce Shopping Cart Elite platform, has helped expand the company’s jewelry offer to buyers around the world. “This will allow us to share our great jewelry in the global market, while paying lower fees and avoiding chargebacks,” said Joshua Rubin, marketing director at Marks Jewelers.

The BCH adoption was probably accelerated by low transaction fees and shorter settlement times.

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