McAfee: The number of malware has increased by 4000%

The number of viruses mining cryptocurrencies has increased by more than 4,000 this year – according to McAfee.

In a report from December 2018, the US antivirus market giant noted that in the third quarter of 2018, almost four million new threats related to malicious software to mine cryptocurrencies appeared.

source: McAfee

Internet of Things

There is also a growing tendency to focus on the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The number of new viruses targeting these devices has grown 72 percent, and total IoT malware targeted a 203% increase over the past four quarters.

Remco Verhoef, a security analyst at McAfee, said:

“Usually, we do not think about using IoT routers or devices, such as IP cameras (…), because their processors are not as efficient as those in desktop computers and laptops, however, due to the lack of adequate security, cybercriminals can benefit from this (…) If they can control thousands of devices that they have been mining for a long time, they can still make money. ”

Mac OS

Verhoef also said that McAfee detected a threat for Mac OS users called OSX.Dummy, which is distributed on groups for cryptocurrency miners.

Users download the most common malware to … fix “cryptography problems”.

In July, over one million computers in China were attacked and mined more than $ 2 million in cryptocurrencies over two years. Another survey conducted by the software company Citrix showed that in August almost 60 percent of companies in the UK were infected by malware related to cryptocurrencies.

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