Launch of the Atlas!

Dear Users,

We would like to announce that we have created a new Atlas website ( in which we have collected all current BitMarket guides in order for you to have one, coherent compendium of knowledge about our exchange. It will also be a place for us to communicate about any platform updates or technical maintenance.

Because of that we also introducing zero fee policy (will last until end of the August) on below markets:

Over the time Atlas will have more and more educational and informational content, which we hope to create and update with you.
We often get questions from you – our clients about what is Bitcoin, blockchain and how does it work. Usually we must redirect you to other websites, services or write the same answers all over again. Now all new questions will be answered and placed on the Atlas on a daily basis. We want our clients to know what is Bitcoin, blockchain and how does the crypto world look alike.

In addition, any writers, bloggers will be able to submit guest entry/article in the Atlas about bitcoin / blockchain and put in it his own bitmarket reflink. Thanks to this, every person who registers on our exchange through reflink from a given entry will generate up to 50% commission for the author for a period of 6 months from registration.

What can you expect from the Atlas?
-information on how to use the BitMarket platform, as well as news on any updates
-bitcoin/blockchain news – we’ve been trying to talk about the most important events in the world of cryptocurrencies through social media for a few months now. From today, such information will be also uploaded to Atlas so you could have exchange and news basically in one place.

In case of any questions ,suggestion we kindly ask you to give us a hint at [email protected]

BitMarket Team

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