John McAfee is fleeing abroad – he is accused of not paying taxes

The fate of John McAfee is suitable for a screenplay of a film that, if mad, could embarrass the authors of the “Wall Street Wolf” script. We even have the title: “McAfee, from a millionaire to an outlaw.”

The legend of Wall Street, creator of the popular antivirus program, cryptocurrency enthusiast and former and supposedly current candidate for the US presidency – yes, all this is still about one person. Now we should add a “outlaw”. McAfee yesterday announced on Tucker that he had to flee from the US, because the American treasury wants to get him for … not paying taxes. Not only that, his wife and four colleagues from his electoral staff did not pay tribute to you. Apparently, everyone is now on the millionaire’s boat.

Revenge of the Puppet Masters?

Only two things are certain – taxes and death! McAfee does not quite agree with this. He thinks taxes are illegal. Sam feels aggrieved, because “he has already paid tens of millions and he has received a lot in services.” A bit like in Poland, right? After all, non-payment of taxes due to low public services is no excuse. John therefore adorns the whole thing with conspiracy theory. He thinks it all because he defends cryptocurrency.

Apparently, we are now observing “the clash of old and new culture”. In the background, we have technology that can free the “unit from the yoke of a currency controlled by governments.” McAfee is obviously on the side of novelty, and now he is being torn apart for it, but he will not give up without a fight:

“I run my campaign on emigration on this boat – I will not let them imprison me and close my mouth (…).”

His further plan is crazy. He wants to publish now from his boat, where he is hiding (probably somewhere in the Ocean), daily video recordings and in this way lead his presidential campaign.

The race for the White House will not win. Anyway, he talks about it from the very beginning. Will it support the development of cryptocurrencies in the US? Also not really, because with this attitude it shows the dark side of digital currencies and does not encourage legislators to support them. Certainly, it will become a hero of magazines with historical curiosities in the future. Such a candidate for the head of the US state probably has not yet …

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