Jacob Rothschild: there is the biggest economic experiment in human history

Lord Jacob Rothschild returns to the media. However, he is surprised by his mischief and warns about the future in the markets.

There is no need to introduce to anyone the Rothschilds. Quite the legendary family with Jewish roots has already become the subject of a huge number of rumors and conspiracy theories. Some even associate it with the plans of the New World Order and see the main force of evil in the world. Jacob Rotschild, however, surprises with the latest sober warnings against the stock market and markets.

The biggest experiment in the history of mankind

“Within six months, central bankers were observed to continue what is certainly the greatest experiment in monetary policy in world history. Therefore, we are on unknown waters and it is impossible to predict unintended consequences of very low interest rates [connected with] around 30% of global public debt with negative income “- the senior Rothschilds haunts and continues:

“Until now, at least in the realities of the stock market, this policy has been effective when markets have reached levels close to their highest [historical] levels, and volatility has generally remained at a low level. Almost all investment classes have been strengthened by the growing wave of money. Meanwhile, growth remains anemic, with weak demand and deflation in many parts of the developed world. ”

Dark times will come …

According to the senior family of financiers, much worse times await us. He reminds that already in 2015 he emphasized the negative effects of possible Brexit on the world, and he was concerned about the result of the still-ongoing US election campaign. In his opinion, “the situation in China will remain opaque, and the slowdown in economic growth will certainly lead to problems. The conflict in the Middle East continues and is unlikely to be resolved for many years. We have already felt the consequences in France, Germany and the US in the form of terrorist attacks. ”

What we see in the markets may also be disturbing. In October alone this year The TOP 10 of the largest US companies lost in total 750 billion dollars. To better illustrate it. It’s as if all companies from the Polish Stock Exchange have evaporated from the market and … so much else! The Wall Street crisis has reduced the giant’s trade of Amazon by 37 billion dollars. The valuations of the Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates brands are also declining. The most painful problems are the company AMD, which in the last year enjoyed large profits thanks to … a bubble on cryptocurrencies, because it sold GPU cards used for digging digital coins. Market experts warn that the quotes of the indices are dangerously approaching the edge, behind which the bust and the blow are already lurking.

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