Is Robert Kiyosaki a Bitcoin fan?

Robert Kiyosaki knows almost everyone who is interested in the topic of financial intelligence. Although it can be said that his character is controversial, and the star a little faded, the author of the book “Rich dad, poor father” now revealed that he is a supporter of BTC. Sam is waiting for an economic crash, and he sees the rescue in gold, silver and cryptocurrencies.

The worst is ahead of us …

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the incoming – in his opinion – economic crisis will be something unprecedented in our history. Unfortunately, the bestselling author can not determine the exact time when the new black Friday will occur. However, he believes that “pre-shakes are already ringing”, which probably means that the first symptoms are already visible in the markets.

His statement raises some associations with prophecies from the Apocalypse of Saint. John:

“Unfortunately, we had a large collapse of the market in 2000, which they called the dotcom bubble burst, later in 2018 we had a real estate market crash. Next will be the largest of them all. ”

Something that drives the upcoming catastrophe is a printout of money:

“In 1971, Nixon liquidated the parity of gold on the dollar and the USD thus became a false currency. The problem is, however, that the dollar also became invisible, so that they could print it as much as they wanted. ”

The precious metals remain the rescue for your savings, because when “the dollar goes down, gold grows in value”

Bitcoin has a future

The future bust is, however, a chance for cryptocurrencies. According to Kiyosaki, when the rate of fiat currencies starts to fall, investors will also start to resort to digital coins.

– I am currently talking about three types of money – he explains – One of them is God’s money, which is gold and silver. They will stay on the ground even after the cockroaches are extinct. They will always be here. The next type is government money (…) or fiat currencies (…) dollar, yuan, euro. The last type is people’s money, that is digital currencies.

The author of “Rich Dad …” does not hesitate to even define the American currency as a “scam” and thinks that “we are witnessing the end of the dollar.”

Do you agree with the controversial opinion of Kiyosaki?

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