How can you close an open position?

Closing the position results in the purchase of borrowed bitcoins (in the case of a short position) or the resale of bitcoins in order to return the borrowed euro (in the case of a long position). The amount of the security deposit blocked on opening the item is unlocked, increased by the obtained profit or reduced by the incurred loss.

To close the position, select the closing amount. By default, it is equal to the opening position, which means closing the position in its entirety. It is also possible to close the position partially, while maintaining the condition that the amount to be closed is not less than the minimum amount of € 100. Partial closure of the item means that bitcoins will be repurchased or resold in a proportional part so that it corresponds to the declared amount of closure. The remaining amount of bitcoins will remain in use.

Partial closing of the position can be used when the depth of the market does not allow closing the entire position with a satisfying profit. It allows you to immediately implement part of the profit while waiting for the rate to rise or fall again. However, it should be remembered that the amount of the security deposit is released only when the position is closed completely.

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