Hong Kong is open to talents from the Blockchain industry

Hong Kong is trying to attract global talents with specialties in innovative technologies, including Blockchain. Everything as part of a special immigration policy.

The government of Hong Kong published on Tuesday a special list, which includes 11 professions that are particularly sought after and whose representatives are welcome in the city’s labor market.

Blockchain expert wanted!

One of the areas is dedicated to experts in innovation and technology in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics or distributed technologies such as block networks.

Hong Kong’s immigration policy has been based on the QMAS (Quality Emmrant Quality Scheme) system since 2006. It allows selected applicants to enter the market and settle in the Chinese special administrative region without having to obtain a job offer from a local employer.

The program aims to “attract highly qualified or talented people to settle in Hong Kong in order to increase economic competitiveness.”

As part of the recruitment program, it is necessary to meet several preconditions. Two tests (general and professional achievements) should be included. As part of this stage, bonus points can be awarded, but in the case when someone falls into the specified, more wanted professional groups.

However, in order to be qualified for the professional group in the field of innovation and technology, Blockchain specialists must have a diploma of completion of studies, experience in well-known companies in this field and knowledge of how to use a network of blocks in financial services.

Hong Kong bets on Blockchain

These actions are not accidental. They do take place when the Hong Kong authorities take the initiative in the adoption of Blockchain. Their activities are aimed at increasing the city’s competitiveness in the field of financial technology.

As CoinDesk has previously reported, the Hong Kong Monetary Office, or a specific central bank of the city, is to implement a distributed accounting book within several banks in the region to facilitate trade financing transactions.


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