Goldman Sachs yet to be opened for Bitcoin

The whole situation is beginning to resemble a action movie with a fast-moving plot. Yesterday, we wrote that Goldman Sachs is withdrawing from his plans for cryptocurrency. Today, the media report something contrary …

Chief Financial Officer Goldman Sachs, Martin Chavez, said at a TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco that recent reports that the bank has abandoned its plans to invest in digital currencies are “fake news.”

“I would never have thought that I would use the term myself, but I really have to describe these messages as fake news” – admitted CFO.

The history of a certain news

Information that Goldman Sachs wants to create a cryptocurrency section back in 2018, he announced to the world of Bloomberg in December last year. Then – specifically, on September 5 – there was a shock. Business Insider published the news in which he informed that the bank, however, changed its plans through the unclear regulatory environment of the industry.

Now Chavez tells this story in a different way. Goldman’s vision was to “evolve over time.” The bank sees the potential of the market, does not close to it, but also approaches with a slight distance.

– Physical bitcoin is something extremely interesting and extremely difficult: from the point of view of supervision, we do not yet see the institutional solution for Bitcoin, we are interested in the fact that it exists and it is a long way – admits Chaves.

The company’s CFO acknowledges that Goldman is working on bitcoin derivatives. They are to be settled in US dollars. The reference price is supposedly to be expressed in USD and determined by a group of exchanges.

The price of bitcoin and other digital currencies fell after the news from Goldman Sachs. All 100 of the largest coins experienced high drops in 24 hours. BTC costs about USD 6 479, losing more than 6 percent during the day.


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