Former manager of Goldman Sachs forecasts the price of bitcoin once again

Former vice president of investment management at Goldman Sachs, Christopher Matta continues to support his faith in BTC growth. He would not event hesitate to invest his mother’s money in this market. In his opinion, the return of the main course of cryptocurrency to the level of $ 15,000 is possible this year.
Today Matt works at Crescent Crypto Asset Management and is a co-founder of the company. In June, CNBC in the “Fast Money” program admitted that it recommended investments in the cryptocurrency market even to more conservative stock market players, because they potentially give good returns (even taking into account risks) compared to other assets.

Bullish attitude

Although a some time has passed since the conversation and Matt’s recommendations, and the BTC course is still slightly (as per its standards) falling former manager of Goldman Sachs is still very bullish. His advice for people who are now having a hard time regarding the bear market in the digital currency market? They may sound cliché, but they can be effective. He advises you to think about cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment and keep calm. Not seeing a lot of sense in everyday trading, thinks that currencies based on Blockchain should be kept for two to five years. Then the chance of a big profit is probably significant.
– In the last six months bullish moods have not changed – Matt notes – – Regulators have started to work for that. We think that more intelligent regulations can be good (…) If you are a bull in the long run, 6000 dollars is a decent entry point.
He does not see the impact on the price of futures contracts. However, the phenomenon of building the cryptocurrency market infrastructure will be the foundation for growth. In addition, products such as ETFs can increase access to digital currencies. And as a result, increase the demand for them and raise the price
Matt pessimist?

In fact, what Matta says can be considered pessimism when we combine it with the words of other market observers. Julian Hosp from TenX sees a chance to rally the price of bitcoin to the level of 60 thousand dollars. Arthur Hayes, co-founder and CEO of BitMEX, predicts a jump to the price of 50,000 dol, and the current decrease is in his opinion a natural and healthy correction.

Goldman Sachs and bitcoin

Goldman Sachs himself warned against cryptocurrency mania, about which we have written few months ago. It is obvious that Matt is opposed to his former employer.
On the other hand, the new CEO of Goldman Sachs is the operations director of the company, David Solomon, who last month said that the New York investment bank wants to add further assets such as bitcoin and other crypto currencies to its offer.

According to Solomon, Goldman Sachs is already offering clients publicly traded derivative instruments related to bitcoin, but in an interview with Bloomberg said that the bank must “evolve its business and adapt to the environment.” “We listen to our clients and try to help them when they discover these things,” he emphasized.

Solomon takes over the duties of Chief Executive Goldman Lloyd Blankfein. Also he did not approach BTC with such disregard as some on Wall Street. While the CEO J.P. Morgan, Jamie Dimon, could unreflectively call cryptocurrencies a “fraud”, Blankfein said that it is not allowed to underestimate and ignore this phenomenon.

Do you know that…
Solomon distinguishes itself on Wall Street not only with unscientific thinking among others about bitcoin. He is also a DJ of electronic music, appearing under the name DJ D-Sol.

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