Expert: Bitcoin will keep falling

Spencer Bogart, an expert on digital currency and Blockchain Capital, said the Bitcoin price (BTC) ALMOSTS found its lowest level in the chart. CNBC announced this on October 5.

The bottom is close?

The expert stated that Bitcoin is close to the bottom, just like the rest of the market. He also pointed to news on the cryptocurrency market. “At the end of last year, when we were at the top of this bull market, bad news seemed to have no impact on the markets (…) Now we see the other side of it (…)”.

Bogart’s predictions about BTC prices are similar to those of major market players. Such as the founder of the investment company Galaxy Capital Management, Mike Novogratz. Novogratz said that the price of the digital currency has already reached the bottom, but at the same time he thinks (in another speech) that we will still wait for the bull market. In his opinion, many more companies will enter the market for a few years.

We wrote about the mood among institutional and physical investors before.

The market observer Tom Lee still believes that bitcoin will get new ATH by the end of 2018. He also recently said that Ethereum will soon pass the price jump to $ 1,900 for one coin.

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