Eminem raps about BTC

Bitcoin appears on the new Eminem album. Rapper Ryan Daniel Montgomery, better known as Royce Da 5’9 “, in one of the songs on the new album of the white king of rap, introduced the theme of the main cryptocurrency.

Eminem surprised his fans. Yesterday, he announced that his tenth album “Kamikaze” is now available. In the song “Not Alike”, the ninth on the album, he raps with Royce Da 5’9 “incl. about BTC.

“Now everybody doin ‘Bitcoin” (“Now everyone is doing a [mining] bitcoin]” – we learn from the lyrics of the song.

Although this fact can be considered as not very important for the course or foundations, it shows that Bitcoin has entered mass culture.

You can listen to the song, among others on Youtube:

Hip-hop likes BTC

“Not Alike” is not the debut of the oldest cryptocurrency in the world of rap music. Earlier, rapper Akon created his own cryptocurrency.

In January this year, Curtis Jackson, known as 50 Cent, was named the owner of millions of dollars in bitcoins. He won digital coins selling a few years ago the album “Animal Ambition” for digital coins. Interestingly, he later denied that he was the owner of any bitcoin, and his lawyer allegedly said that Jackson “never owned and does not own a bitcoin account or any bitcoins”.

This spring, hip-hop artist Young Dirty Bastard announced plans to create his own cryptocurrency in an interview with Yahoo Finance.



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