Do you use the Opera and cryptocurrency? We have good news for you!

Opera, which is one of the most popular web browsers, has announced that it has added a new functionality – a cryptocurrency wallet.

The information applies only to the desktop version. Where does this idea come from? The company decided on it after the success of the wallet for mobile devices with Android. Thanks to the new feature, browser users will be able to connect to the wallet without installing additional software.

Opera friendly to cryptocurrencies

Opera wants to be the leader of browsers among the supporters of digital currencies. In July, she launched a portfolio based on Ethereum as one of her mobile applications. The company has thus set itself on “liquid transactions in the network” and breaking the “biggest obstacle” in the expansion of cryptocurrencies.

The market giant emphasizes that his new decision is a consequence of the “definitely positive reaction of the crypto-community and users to the cryptographic portfolio of the Opera on Android”. Opera wanted to find a “PC solution” and hence its new business movement.

The variant for Android is called “Crypto Wallet” and is now available as the beta version of the Opera browser. Unfortunately, there was still a problem that people who wanted to use less popular currencies were struggling. The situation forced them to exhaustively search for extensions or use many different portfolios to carry out transactions. The new version of the portfolio is to allow not to keep tokens and coins, which are among the market leaders, but also niche ones.

Opera users will not be forced to install and configure extensions to their wallet in the browser. All you need to do is connect the Opera PC browser with a mobile browser by scanning a special QR code.

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