CoinHive and security

We’re back to our cycle of online safety tips. Today we will deal with the CoinHive theme.

What is CoinHive? Under this concept there is software that digs cryptocurrencies and allows to extract Monero. However, what is important is the program that copies coina without the user’s knowledge. Working in the background increases the CPU load, thus slowing down the computer. The topic has been known for months, but now it got loud again because it was discovered that ads on the YouTube site contain just Monero kicking scripts. YouTube was simply the perfect place to put a malicious minigame. Because? Well, platform users spend so much time on it that extracting cryptocurrency with their equipment becomes more profitable. The problem was removed a few hours after the case became loud.

Although YouTube quickly coped with CoinHive, remember that the number of such viruses will grow. The AdGuard company estimates that more than 500 million people around the world are copying cryptocurrencies by doing it completely unconsciously – simply visiting popular websites.

Last year there was a loud affair about Starbucks in Buenos Aires. Customers of the popular cafe after logging in to the local WiFi were connected to the network, whose main task was to use the computing power of their Monero digging equipment. A little earlier, the world heard about plugins for Google Chrome and other websites whose scripts were extracting cryptocurrencies. Sounds like a prologue to the “Matrix”? Definitely, that’s why the next part is for people with strong nerves.

Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi virus can not only dig digital currencies, but also … make physical damage! While conducting research on this malicious malware, Kaspersky specialists have observed that the battery of the infected telephone has “swelled” and thus caused the housing to bend. This could eventually lead to a possible explosion or self-ignition. If the smartphone was at this point, eg in the user’s pocket or near flammable material, the effects would be easy to predict …

In conclusion, remember to use anti-virus software and follow all safety rules on the Internet. We remind you about using two-factor authentication, the use of which is possible on Then logging in to your accounts, changing the password and requesting withdrawal of funds will be possible only with the code generated on your phones. Thanks to active 2FA protection, it is not possible to access the account or request an unauthorized person to pay even if you have a login and password.

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