Can you cancel or modify an open position?

The position for which you set the opening price different from the market one may not be opened in full if you do not find those willing to buy or sell bitcoins at the proposed exchange rate. This position may be canceled or modified in accordance with the information provided in this article.

Canceling the item

If the position has not been opened at all, it can be canceled. It means removing it from the list of current positions and unblocking the amount of the margin used to open the position. Since the item has not been opened, no fees will be charged.

The end of the opening

If the position has been partially opened, you can end its opening. This means that it will only be opened in the amount in which it has been opened so far. The unused security deposit will be unblocked in the same proportion as the opening of the position – if, for example, the position has been opened at 20%, 80% of the original margin securing the position will be unblocked and 20% will be blocked. The fee on opening the position will be charged only on the actual opening amount.

Decreasing the opening amount

If the position has not been opened in full, it is possible to reduce the value of the item by reducing the opening amount. You can specify a lower value of the item in PLN, which will facilitate the opening of the position. The opening amount below the minimum amount of PLN 100 can not be reduced in this way.

Change in the opening price

If the position has not been opened at all, you can change its opening rate to another one. This is not possible if a part of the position has already been opened – in this case further opening of the position must be continued at the specified exchange rate.

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