Can we forget about the BTC bubble for a few years?

Although there is enthusiasm on the market, according to the new BitBull Capital report, we can forget about the BTC bubble for several years. Where does the application come from?

The company notes that now, in the short-term, we can expect increases to USD 5,500 or resistance testing a little under USD 5,000. Long-term, we have to wait for price jumps, but rather slow, sluggish and unlike cupping.

Bubble, goodbye!

Another bubble is questionable. Maybe not quite, but “at least not in the near future”. Where does the application come from? It seems that, according to the authors of the report, there is a lack of “major catalysts, such as global government acceptance and integration with mainstream services and mainstream portals”. In exchange, BitBull Capoital expects “steady growth in the coming years”.

The above is in line with the analysis of the Polish trader who is hiding under the name Nexushash. He wrote on his blog:

“The whole period of growth can be treated as the third wave of Elliot, which means that we will have several weeks of stabilization and 5 waveforms with a range of $ 6,000. Next ABC correction in the summer and going to $ 10,000 only in the autumn of 2019 accumulation of several positive events from the crypto world: new ETF funds, Bakkt platform and regulations of the Indian government I think that this year’s increases were largely connected with halving on Litecoin, which will take place on August 6. As for other projects that work and meet we also see increases in the range of 200-300% in the last 4 months. And for magicians who, at $ 3200 instead of buying, have claimed declines to $ 1000, what will they probably buy at $ 10,000 or much higher. “

On October 20, 2018, he wrote:

“I think it will take about 3-5 years before the technology will be fully usable. The cryptocurrency market will again attack new peaks in 2-3 years, you can easily set up a new $ 250,000 target for Bitcoin, which is confirmed by, for example, billionaire Tim Drapper, I follow for years he must know what he is saying. “

What are you thinking about these forecasts? Will we really have to wait a few years for a new bubble? Is what we are watching today already its prelude?

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