BTC is still cheap! Summary of the week 01/04/07/04/2019

Finally, in the introduction to our summary, we no longer have to complain about boredom on the chart! BTC (and other tokens and cryptocurrencies) bounced back and reached USD 5,000. Some people think that this is just the beginning …

BTC for USD 14,000

Tom Lee, the head of Fundstrat, returned to the media and proudly re-invents the future BTC course. He believes that cryptocurrency should be worth as much as USD 14,000 today, and the current valuation is too cheap. Sam proposes that all investors – both retail and institutional – should invest a minimum of 1% of their funds in digital currencies.

He also notices the investment movements of large players on the market. “Many old whale wallets buy [bit] again … This means only a few original bitcoin owners. Some of those who sold $ 20,000 [now] are starting to buy back, “Lee wrote.

LTC is not worth much?

Mike Novogratz also returns to the action. Like Lee, he was constantly looking forward to the boom in 2018 and now he was celebrating it when he waited for it.

Despite this, he attacks … litecoin and thinks that it is better to buy bitcoins than the cryptocurrency of Charles Lee. “On the periodic table there are 118 elements, and only one of them is gold […] Bitcoin will be a digital gold.

The place where you have sovereign money, it’s not American money, it’s not Chinese money, it’s sovereign money. Sovereignty costs a lot, it should, “- Novogratz.LTC compares it to silver and on this basis considers it worth less. In his opinion,” litecoin is just a praised test network for Bitcoin “.

BTC reigns on Google

The BTC price fire also led to an increase in cryptocurrency in the network. Internet users began to enter the “bitcoin” phase more often in Google. Below you can see how the current mini-bull has influenced the course in Google Trends:

However, the rate will drop?

However, what is significant is the distrust of growth. On our fanpejdżu you will find a questionnaire about buying BTC on longterm.

The moment we write these words, most of you are skeptical about further increases. A similar survey was carried out by “934 people participated in the survey.

Only 341 of them expect that the current increases are able to change the general attitude on the market and start another boom on BTC quotes.An opposite opinion had as many as 593 respondents who indicated that bitcoin would fall even lower. ”

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