Boredom to August? Summary of the week 11/03/17/03/2019

Bitcoin probably likes to make pranks for his investors. Now it is almost as stable as fiat currencies. We will try to compensate you for boredom on the chart with news from the market.

The year of the bull is already underway?

Tom Lee returns to our storefront and to the fronts of many industry portals. Now he is proposing a return to the bull market. According to August, growth and a new bull market are expected to start in August.

– I think that in 2019 the bull market will return. Risk appetite is on the global markets, which is positive for bitcoins and other crypto accounts. In addition, the dollar is not growing as strongly as last year – Lee says.

We keep our fingers crossed, although Lee’s forecasts have not been proven many times …

Mark Karpeles convicted

Judicial trial of Mark Karpeles, ex-CEO of Mt. Goxa, it’s over. The former head of the once largest crypto-currency exchange in the world has been convicted, but will not be sent to prison. AFP-Jiji Press wrote:

“The court convicted Mark Karpeles, 33, a Frenchman, for falsifying data, but he acquitted him of charges of misappropriation of millions [USD] from customer accounts.”

Tokyoberg’s reporter, Yuji Nakamura, described the verdict in a series of tweets. We learn about Karpeles that:

“(…) he is guilty of manipulations, but he is not guilty of embezzlement. He is “suspended” for 4 years, during which time, if he does something wrong, he will be imprisoned for 2.5 years. ”

Tether has no coverage

On the website of the Tether project, the entry for stablecoin coverage in the dollar was updated:

Each Tether is always 100% hedged by our reserves that include traditional currency and cash equivalents, and from time to time [reserves] may include other assets and liabilities due to loans granted by Tether to third parties that may include related entities (“reserves” in aggregate) “).

Earlier, the entry was:

“Each tether is always supported by 1 to 1 by the traditional currency stored in our reserves. So 1 USDT is always 1 USD. ”

Blockchain for artists

Joseph Lubin spoke about the practical application of blockchain. In his opinion, the technology is ideal for artists who today are heavily robbed of earnings by record labels. The block network can bring them closer to the fans and facilitate the direct sale of music.

The idea is not new, because one of the first blockchain startups on the market was Decent, which helped in the distribution of various content content. For their bitcoins, the 50 Cent rapper and Mastodon band sold their albums.

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