Blockstream starts with cryptosatellite

Blockstream, a technology company from the blockchain market, launches a beta version of its “Blockstream Satellite API”. The project aims to make it easier for developers from around the world to broadcast data through the company’s satellite network.

The current activities follow the official launch of the project in August 2017. At that time, the company claimed that it wanted to “connect everyone in the world”. In theirs opinion, this is important in the face of the threat of Internet censorship and limited freedom of speech on the web. The initiative is also supposed to free the network of cryptocurrencies from dependence on land-based internet connections and thus protect against possible censorship and attacks by governments. In the context of, for example, blocking Bitcoin websites in some countries, this is perfectly valid.


The latest product allows you to use a message encryption system. The use of the service is currently free. Developers can send messages via the RESTful API (application programming interface), while for “regular” users there is a dedicated Blockstream site.

The team responsible for the Blockstream Satellite API, however, limited the maximum size of the message so that each of them could be sent within ten seconds. The message further noted that developers should use their own encryption and fragmentation.

Since the product is privacy-oriented, only a specific user or group of users may allegedly decrypt the received data that is sent from the Internet via the transmission medium. In addition, the privacy is increased by the Lightning Network, which will be responsible for charging fees for sending messages.

Last week, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) proposed to create a blockchain-based system that would manage air traffic and use the open source mechanism to enable secure, private and anonymous communication with air traffic services. This solution would protect flight data before being taken over by the wrong people.

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