Blockstamp – a project that will help you secure your data

Blockstamp is another interesting Polish project from the blockchain market. What does it do? We are already in a hurry with explanations.

One of the basic elements of Blockstamp ecosystem is timestamping. It’s a process of digital data protection in a way that eliminates any risk of manipulation or falsification. Thus, the blockchain replaces an accountant or a notary public.

Anyway, take a look at the animation that approximates the operation of this service:

Safe bets and VPNs

The project is developing in two ways. There is already Blockstamp Games – a kind of blackchain casino, which thanks to the block network offers transparency and fairness of the game.

Even more interesting seems to be something else. As part of the project, a cryptocurrency BST was created, which is to become the payment instrument in Hprox – a partner project focused on privacy and anonymity in the network. So we’re dealing with something like a blockchain VPN. As part of this cooperation, BST is accepted as a means of payment when purchasing a solution that guarantees safe and unlimited use of the network.

The project also launched a bounty program, which you can read on its website.

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