Bitcoin the national currency of Argentina? Summary of the week 18.03-24.03.2019.

Analyzing the cryptocurrency price in the last period is a task for particularly persistent. Generally, we have to write it once again: it is deadly boring! However, let’s look at the foundations of the market and the latest news.

Tim Draper appeals to the president of Argentina

Tim Draper, we do not have to introduce anyone here. This is already the legendary investor of the startups market and cryptocurrency. Interestingly, last week he met with Argentine president Mauricio Macrim. Men talked about Argentina’s economic potential in terms of e-currencies and block networks. Draper’s offer was interesting:

“We talked about Bitcoin and the devaluation of the pesos, and I proposed a bet: if the peso would be valued more than Bitcoin, I would double my investment, which I made in the country. But if Bitcoin would get a higher price than the peso [as it is now – note. editors], they would have [i.e. authorities] recognize it as the national currency, which would be an excellent decision (…) “.

Will an Argentine politician listen to a known businessman?

The head of BIS is critical about cryptocurrencies

Agustin Carstens, CEO of the Bank for International Settlements, spoke publicly about the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies to be issued by central banks. In his opinion, the idea is fatal, because it would risk the collapse of commercial banks. In such a new system, citizens would rather be allowed to hold funds on central bank accounts, and not on private bank accounts, which in turn would translate into worse financial results of the latter and, as a result, their bankruptcy.

What do you think about this?

Sirin Labs joins forces with MyEtherWallet

Sirin Labs extends its Finney smartphone greatly. The MEW service will be implemented into the cold e-currency portfolio system, which is in this arrangement.

“We look at this integration as a strong step towards a greater market share of both companies, because both products complement each other.”

– SIRIN LABS CEO, Zvika Landau.

In turn, CEO of MEW Kosala Hemachandra said:

“We are always trying to ensure safer integrations with [the network] Ethereum so that our users will feel comformably (…), and we believe that having a phone’s hardware portfolio is extremely valuable to users. This will not only make sending and receiving cryptographic transactions easier, but will also increase crypto availability for many users. ”

Venezuela wants to earn on cryptocurrencies

In March 2019, the Venezuelan regime of Nicolas Maduro launched Patria. It is a state platform for cryptocurrency transfers. However, the government imposed a 15% fee on all payments that are made using e-currencies. The new platform has another disadvantage. It does not guarantee anonymity, because to make transfers you must provide your personal details. Someone did not quite understand the idea of ​​bitcoin here …


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