“Bitcoin is the worst investment of the year”

Experts from FinExpertiza prepared a summary of the passing year. In their opinion, the worst investment of passing 12 months was bitcoin.

Analysts from Fin Expertiza took a look at 14 investment instruments. So what could have brought the biggest profits in 2018, and what about losses? The most profitable investment was palladium. The worst was done by those who bought bitcoins this year.

What to do with 300,000 rubles?

The study consisted of simulations showing how much it could earn by investing 300,000 rubles in a given asset. It turned out that investors who bought btc for 300,000 rubles would lose more than 213,000 rubles (USD 3,000) or 71.2 percent this year.

The most profitable investment of the year was – according to analysts – palladium. The price of metal has recently reached record highs, making it an investment hit. After investing 300,000 rubles, buyers would increase their capital by 30,000 rubles (433 USD) or 10.2 percent by the end of the year. Of course, compared to the profits generated by cryptocurrencies in 2017, these are not astonishing results.

Bitcoin is not so scary

The study also does not take into account a longer period, eg 2 or 3 years. Then it would turn out that bitcoin was – despite this year’s bear market – still a good investment that could give the patient investors several hundred percent profits.

What will be the next year for the main cryptocurrency? We’ve been thinking about it here for a long time. It may be the equivalent of, for example, 2015, so generally it will be … very boring! At least apparently, because it can be a period in which the foundations of cryptocurrency and blockchain will strengthen. However, the chart can be much less. On the other hand, it may be a fantastic moment for re-long-term investments …

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