Bitcoin is the new gold. Weekly summary 07-13.01.2019 r.

Observing the BTC price is still a job for people with strong nerves. That’s why we’ve tried to find news for you that will refresh your hearts a little.

Bitcoin will be the new gold!

Yes, we know that for many early adopters it is already a shabby slogan. Now the brothers Winklevoss and Nick Szabo have returned to compare the bitcoin to the most famous metal.

The first ones noticed that

“We think that Bitcoin plays a better role of gold than gold itself. If we are right, Bitcoin’s capitalization will exceed the value of $ 7 trillion in gold over time. ”

Szabo, the creator of the bitgold – a project that is considered as an introduction to bitcoin – he said:

“Another problem with gold reserves is that they are physically vulnerable. When the Nazis conquered countries in Europe, the first place they came to is the central bank’s gold reserves. ”

As you can see, Szabo draws attention to the more practical nature of cryptocurren by referring to historical examples. We wanted to present a similar approach in our cycle on the history of money.

BTC the dollar’s successor?

Max Keiser, a controversial journalist dealing with, among others, economics and economy. In his opinion, BTC can replace the dollar as a unit of account. In addition, it also draws attention to other advantages of cryptocurrency:

“The timing of the issue of coins mined every ten minutes makes Bitcoin the central bank of the world with the most solid monetary policy.”

Recall that Kaiser recently also suggested that the so-called “yellow vests” from France should start buying cryptocurrencies in large numbers to bring down the government in France …

BTC bubble – it will be back sometime …

Staying in the perspective of the next few years, but less optimistically, it is worth quoting the words of Vinny Lingham, Civic General Director:

“The crypto market will grow again, but most likely [it will be] when the pain of relegation becomes a distant memory, Do not underestimate the power of psychology in the free market.”

As Cezary Głuch told us, the memory of the average investor on the market is 2 years. It would be good to count on another bubble on cryptocurrencies until 2020 or even later. Are you in a similar opinion?




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