Bitcoin is not anonymous at all. Summary of the week 28/01 – 03/02/2019.

A summary of the week ahead of you.

Bitcoin is not anonymous at all

“Many people think that Bitcoin is anonymous. It is not so, it is pseudoanonymous, which means that if you put huge amounts of energy into operational safety and do it carefully and very carefully, then you can remain anonymous. However, only for a limited period of time. This does not sound satisfying at all. ”

These are the words of Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known cryptocurrency promoter, who spoke the “Q and A” section on his YouTube channel. He also added that:

“Bitcoin needs to become much stronger in terms of confidentiality and privacy. User data must be protected. BTC should use an example of other coins. For example, Monero hides money transactions and those who will receive those transactions. ”

The Twitter creator talks about BTC: it will be the Internet currency

It may not be anonymous, but it is to become the Internet currency. That’s what Jack Dorsey, co-creator of Twitter and the Square payment application thinks:

“[Bitcoin] is something that was born on the Internet, which was developed on the Internet, which has been tested on the Internet … It’s something coming from the Internet.”

Earlier, in May 2018, he said that BTC is today a natural choice when it comes to the Internet currency.

Wikipedia recognizes donations in Bitcoin Cash

From last week, you can support the global e-encyclopedia with Bitcoin Cash.

“Our donors showed a growing interest in various cryptocurrencies, so the adoption of Bitcoin Cash was a natural next step. We accept donations worldwide and make every effort to provide a wide range of donation options. It is very important that we can process international donations in an efficient and cost-effective way. ”

– said Pats Pena, director of payments and operations at the Wikimedia Foundation.

“Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are one of the cheapest payment options available, so more money goes to charity than to pay. Wikimedia does so much good around the world that it is a privilege that we can help them collect money [for them]

– added Sonny Singh, chief trader at Bitpay.

The Polish Bitcoin Association collects 1% of the tax

Just like last year, PSB collects 1% tax on donors.

“The period of tax settlements is ongoing. Together with the Kamienica Foundation1 as the Polish Bitcoin Association, we offer you a 1% tax on the popularization of Bitcoin. It is enough in PIT settlements for 2017 to enter the KRS number indicated in the example below (377928) and the specific objective (“Popularization of the Bitcoin system”)

– told the PSB.

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