Bitcoin is dead? Weekly summary 10-16.12.2019 r.

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People are afraid of new things

Nothing new, but now we have almost tangible evidence. According to a survey carried out by the United States Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), the entire fintech market is considered a “systemic risk” to the economy. Interestingly, the number of innovation enemies is growing. Currently, as many as 20 percent of respondents believe that fintech is a threat to the global economy. Last year, the skeptics were “only” 15 percent.

Teenage crypt-millionaire: bitcoin is dead

Erik Finman, at the age of 12, received $ 1000 from his grandmother. He invested them in bitcoins. Today he is a millionaire, but he also became a skeptic of the main cryptocurrency. In an interview with the Market Watch portal, he stated that Bitcoin “died”. This does not mean, however, that he thinks the exchange rate will fall to zero now. “Before Bitcoin, one or two bull markets, but in the long run is dead.” Finman sees the future in Ethereum and ZCash.

Blockchain will save Ukraine?

Blockchain technology has not been the subject of political debate for the first time. Armed for the chair of Ukrainian President Yulia Tymoshenko, the network of blocks could save her country from the pathology of corruption:

“Blockchain is an excellent anti-corruption technology, which confirms international practice. To completely eliminate corruption in public records and protect the personal data of every citizen, we must transfer all administrative systems to the blockchain. ”

Opera with a crypto wallet

Opera has prepared a new version of your web browser. “Web3-ready” will hit Android and has a built-in wallet for cryptocurrencies.

“Until now, using cryptocurrencies online and accessing Web 3 required special applications or extensions, which made it difficult for people to try them out. Our new browser removes this problem, “said product manager Charles Hamel.

The former head of Mt.Gox will go to jail?

The Tokyo prosecutor’s office wants a sentence of 10 years in prison for Marek Karpeles, former head of the stock exchange in Mt. Gox. Reportedly, Mark Karpeles “redirected corporate funds to goals related to independent business based on software development in order to achieve personal benefits” and “played a significant role in the total destruction of the confidence of cryptocurrency users”. Although the trustee, who has the property of the bankrupt stock exchange, coordinates the process of returning funds to former clients, as you can see the final fate of Karpeles himself is not yet clear.

New blockchains will be more efficient?

At least that’s what Vitalik Buterin thinks. Co-founder Ethereum (ETH) admitted that in his opinion further blockchain with proof-of-stake (PoS) sharding will be “thousands of times more efficient”. He also describes what awaits his “child”:

“Ethereum 2.0 [of which Casper will be a part – note.] is a combination of many functions that we have talked about for several years and which we have been exploring and creating for many years. New functionalities will be combined into one coherent whole. ”

It is worth remembering that other projects are also being created on the market that want to improve blockchain scalability, eg IOST.



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