Bitcoin – how to start?

Our exchange enables quick sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies from other parties. The fees which we offer to our customers are very attractive and depend on two factors: type of transactions (whether it is Market Maker or Market Taker) and the turnover (volume) user generates (the higher volume – the lawer fees). Please see the Fee Schedule for more details.

To use our services you must register first. To register you need to fill in a simple form containing: login, password, email address and user’s name. Once the e-mail address has been confirmed by clicking on the link sent to the new user, the account is active.

When your account is active you are able to deposit bitcoins and sell them on exchange. To do this go to the Deposit bitcoins section available after login to your account. In order to Deposit EUR or PLN an additional account verification is required – we need to check if the data which you have given during registration are correct. If they are, EUR and PLN deposits will be active.

Topping up your account is available beside standard hours after sending us an information at [email protected] and confirming by us that funds you sent have reached our bank account. To use the services of one of the available instant payment operators first you have to verify bank account ownership.

You will be asked to provide a scan of your ID and utility bill to confirm your identity. After accepting your ID scan the system will generete and send to your home address a registered letter with a verification code. Once you receive the letter and enter the code your account will be fully verified.

Once the account has been credited, go to the exchange and place an order. There are two types of orders available: buy (EUR or PLN into cryptocurrency) and sell (cryptocurrency into EUR or PLN). Each order must specify the sum and the exchange rate. To make it easy, the system automatically prompts the best available current exchange rate, but you may quote any other rate.

If there is a reverse order in the order book with the same or better exchange rate (the purchase order with the same or higher exchange rate if the instruction is sell or the sell order with the same or lower exchange rate if the instruction is to buy), the orders are matched and executed.

If the matching order is enough to execute your entire order, your account is immediately credited with the relevant amount of EUR (PLN) or cryptocurrencies. If the resources are enough only to partially execute your order, the order is saved in the system with the amount of the shortfall. If the right reverse order allowing execution is placed, it will be executed. Any pending orders may be cancelled at any moment. If you do so, the resources will be deposited back in your account.

Withdrawal of funds is the last step. To do so, click the link Withdraw EUR, Withdraw PLN or Withdraw bitcoins. PLN may be withdrawn via fast payment service and it will be in your account within an hour. You may also withdraw PLN via specific ATMs which are located in Poland.

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