Bitcoin Cash network update

Update 23/11/2018:

Bitcoin Cash (BCC) payments and withdrawals have been restored. BCC is a Bitcoin ABC chain, which, depending on the exchange, is called as BCC, BCH or BCHABC.
Currently, we will require 20 confirmations in the network to deposit funds.

We are constantly monitoring both Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV chains, but at the moment we are not changing our statement from the following entry regarding the forks.


The upcoming update of the Bitcoin Cash network may result in its fork and the creation of independent blockchains.

We would like to point out that BitMarket will support the official update of Bitcoin Cash as part of scheduled updates, in accordance with the information provided at

To ensure the security of BCC funds held on the stock exchange, the following steps will be taken:

  • BCC deposits and withdrawals will be suspended from November 15 from 12:00 (noon, CET time)
  • trade on the /BCC markets will not be affected

Once the network after hard fork gets back to normal deposits and withdrawals will be re-enabled. The time of their resumption is currently unknown. Users should not make any BCC deposits until further notice.

On 15 November at 17:40 CET (UNIX time 1542300000) snapshot of BCC balances will be made. In the upcoming weeks, BitMarket will monitor the creation of a possible fork and the decision to support it will be made depending on the further development of the situation and such factors as the stability of the newly created network and the security of the wallets. BitMarket does not guarantee any support for the new cryptocurrency created from the fork of the Bitcoin Cash network.

In order to have full control over your private BCC keys and to be sure of access to the possibly newly created cryptocurrency (BCC fork), you must withdraw your BCC from the BitMarket exchange before the deposits and withdrawals of BCC are withheld (November 15 12:00 CET).

At the same time, we would like to point out that currently there is no confirmation that the possible chains to be created will have a mechanism to protect the accumulated funds, i.e. replay protection mechanism. We recommend a cautious approach when taking action.

In addition, we would like to inform you that due to the fact that possible forks are based on beta technology, we reserve the right to make any decisions regarding the maintenance or cessation of supporting cryptocurrency for a given fork.


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